When you pull all the elements of CrossFit together, it transcends the sum of its many parts. This is the beauty and science of the “sport of fitness.” When we break the sport down into its individual elements, we can see that these things have been done for a long time – centuries even. Black Bridge CrossFit is not interested in reinventing the wheel. Although CrossFit is relatively new in the strength and conditioning world, its elements are not. We like to maintain the integrity of each individual sport that comprises the anatomy of CrossFit by imparting information to you that has been extant for decades.


Crossfit itself is a strength and conditioning program.

In recent years the CrossFit community has embraced the outside information from experts and professionals in various fields of strength and conditioning. This has helped make CrossFit even better. We strive to teach the fundamental roots of each sport (Power Lifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, running, rowing, kettle bells, jump ropes etc.) As a result, one is practicing the sport of CrossFit. Just as playing the game of football is practicing the sport, the hard work in the strength training, conditioning and agility work makes one better at the sport. Practicing on the field itself is never going to keep pushing the limits; what one does off the field will. This is no exception with CrossFit.


you become a jack of all trades with fitness.

While it is definitely true that the specialty of CrossFit is “not specializing” we also want to keep the integrity of each individual sport intact and practice and teach Crossfit to our athletes with solid foundation of mechanics. You may not have aspirations to become the best Olympic lifter on the face of the planet or a world class gymnast, but we will endeavor to make sure your competency shines though when all elements are combined.

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