Are you looking for more energy, increased strength, building lean muscle, losing fat and just generally feeling and looking more physically fit? CrossFit is great, but we also understand that barbells and weights can be intimidating at first. We we have a solution for you: “BOOT CAMP!”

Boot camp is a group program focused on bodyweight movements, designed to build your strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over an hour class.

Our boot camp program is designed to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. We’ve designed a functional fitness training routine using the CrossFit methodology to lose body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength, and provide you with an guided evidence based fitness program that will have you hooked! 

The term "boot camp" is currently used in the fitness industry to describe a group fitness class that promotes functional movements to induce fat loss and build lean muscle all while increasing strength, endurance, mobility and core strength. 

This program is designed to encourage you to push a little bit further than than you would lost and alone at a standard commercial gym. You receive quasi personal training in a supportive group atmosphere. Everyone involved works at their own pace, with knowledgeable coaching to help you increase your capacity get in the shape you’ve always wanted to be in. 

Additionally, our boot camp will provide a social support system for you. This is a different environment for those who get bored in a gym and thus find it hard to develop a workable exercise regimen. 


Members of fitness boot camps are tested for fitness on the first day and then retested at the end of the session (running between 4 and 6 weeks.) Your results will be evident. 

 We offer the option of nutrition coaching as well, which adds significant results to the program. Previous participants have lost 30-50 pounds within a 6 month period. Having a group support system and provides accountability and motivation.

 Benefits include stress reduction, health, weight loss (especially when coupled with nutrition!) Look better, feel better, LIVE BETTER! 

 Are you up for the challenge?