Fundamentals Program

We require all of our new athletes, regardless of fitness level, to go through our Fundamentals program.

If you are a seasoned CrossFitter (CrossFitting for more than 6 months) from another gym you will not be required to retake our fundamentals program. 

Our comprehensive fundamentals program takes you through the following:

• CrossFit's 9 foundational movements.


• Familiarization with the basic Olympic Lifts.

• Familiarization with CrossFit vernacular and acronyms.

• You will learn how to work out and do it well.

• Proficiency with the basics of CrossFit so that we can prepare you for the regular classes.

Is CrossFit is for you? You can always find out with a free Test Drive!

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Crossfit Class

This is the main CrossFit programming in our gym. After you have completed our Fundamentals Program you jump in with our standard classes. The workouts are pre-programmed each day and there will be various scaling options for the workout to suit your skill and fitness level.

barbell Club

This class focuses on Olympic lifting and aspects of Power Lifting specifically. This is not “CrossFit” programming, and the primary focus is on perfecting the Olympic lifts in terms of form, technique and execution.

This program is one on one coaching in a casual atmosphere from a skilled coach. You will receive critiques in your movements as well as video analysis to break down your movement patterns and make the necessary adjustments to bring your Olympic lifting skills to a higher performance level. If you are an experienced Olympic Lifter or Power Lifter, we welcome you to drop in and work out with us and share knowledge and skill. This is a less structured atmosphere than our CrossFit classes. 

We have found that this will improve overall performance in CrossFit as well. However, if you are not interested in “CrossFit” but want to improve your power out­put, get stronger and work on your speed and mobility, this is the option for you.


Competitor's program

We have designated a specific competitor's program for those that have long term goals of doing CrossFit at a competitive level. We utilize more accessory work and the Juggernaut training program, and this programming remains similar to the  CrossFit program of our gym.

This programming comes with specific strength and skill requirements. It is a program open only to dedicated athletes committed to signing up for the CrossFit Games and local competitions. This is the elite level athleticism that CrossFit is known for. There is an arbitrary screening process involved with allowing athletes to train on this program but it is based on experience.